Sunday, July 29, 2012

Squirrel Boy

I liked this character, and have decided to finish it as a complete, color illustration with theme border and all (notice the cereal o's).

I have extracted this character from a side project, the Cornfed Coalition. If anyone reads this, and also is a Cornfed Coalition fan...I am sorry to say I probably won't be returning to it any longer. I'm growing weary of the project, and feel a lack of inspiration to create cynical, smart-assy material. I'd rather be more subtle about those inappropriate sexual items and commentary snuck into Disney movies...kidding. But thanks for your support to all who showed interest:)

I am also posting this on Illustration Friday, as the topic is fitting: "Lonely."


  1. Aww! Crazy squirrel guy. Great character and the squirrel is so cute!

  2. I love your illustration style! Awesome pencil work. :)

  3. very cool illustration. great character.

  4. Love the style of all your characters. Great job on all the colors too.

    1. Thank you Mr. Matt! I appreciate your support:)